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Troye Sivan & Jam Som Are In “Trouble”

Troye Sivan releases new song “Trouble” with Jam Som, off the soundtrack for the upcoming coming-of-age film, Three Months.

Troye Sivan and Three Months

Three Months, directed and written by Jared Frieder, centers around Sivan’s high school character, Caleb. According to IMDb, “On the eve of his high school graduation, everything changes when he’s exposed to HIV. While he waits three months for his results, he finds love in the most unlikely of places”. The movie premieres on February 23rd and will mark Troye Sivan‘s film debut. The film also stars Ellen Burstyn, Lou Gossett Jr., Viveik Kalra, and @briannetju.

Troye Sivan & Jam Som Are In "Trouble"
via Instagram @troyesivan: Florida, 2011. Caleb Kahn gets a text from a hot one night stand that he never thought he’d hear from again – he has just tested positive for HIV. Caleb remembers; the condom broke. how long until Caleb finds out if he has it too? 3 Months.

In an Instagram caption about the movie’s song, “Trouble,” he writes, “Revisited my full 17 year old 2011 tumblr-core mindset to write this song for Three Months.” He references the teenage melodramatic Tumblr, where he grew a cult following around his debut sad-gay-love-story album “Blue Neighbourhood.”

Analysis of “Trouble” by Troye Sivan featuring Jam Som

The track opens up with bright, rhythmic guitar strings. Then, Troye Sivan jumps in with his raspy voice, “Accidental lover, what’d you do with all my common sense? / You came in undercover when I didn’t even want a friend.” In 2020, Troye released his In a Dream EP, spawning the euphoric hit “Easy” and the sleeper “could cry just thinkin about you (Full Version).” Since then, he’s shared the lovey-dovey “Angel Baby” and starred in the “Easy” music video with Mark Ronson and Kacey Musgraves.

The chorus is subtly upbeat, the bass deep in the back with bright echoes, sparking an 80s vibe. Troye sings, “And I’m like, ‘Oh, sweet God, I think I’m in trouble’ / Kinda makin’ me wonder what it’s like on the other side.” On the upbeat, Jam Som joins the party in the second verse. Her voice glides softly against the beat while she sings– both she and Sivan complement each other well. She sings, “Tandеm lover, what I tell you is in confidence / Layin’ here together makes me wanna take a second chance.” The upbeat light production, Som’s light vocals, and Troye’s energetic personality carry the track to its end.

Who is Jam Som?

Troye Sivan & Jam Som Are In "Trouble"
via Instagram @jaysomband

The Filipino-American dream-pop artist, Jam Som, released her latest album, Anna Ko, in 2019. She found fame from her demos on Bandcamp, eventually leading her to re-release them twice as a studio album, Twice Into. She opened for artists like Mitski and Japanese Breakfast. In 2017, Som’s first proper album, Everybody Works ( influenced by Tame Impala and Carly Rae Jepsen), landed on Best of 2017 lists from Pitchfork, NPR, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard. Recently,  Jay Som formed a band with Chastity Belt’s Annie Truscott called Routine.

What do you think of Troye Sivan and Jam Som’s new single, “Trouble?” Let us know in the comments!

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