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Kacey Musgraves Kicks Off Star-Crossed World Tour

Star-Crossed Comes to Life

In December, Kacey Musgraves warned us that her Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour was gonna be “f***ing pretty.” And she more than delivered. On the opening night of her tour, the ruby red curtains drew back to reveal a burning heart as she sang her latest album’s title track. Star-Crossed chronicled Kacey’s divorce from singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly, taking an honest look at heartbreak and vulnerability. Kacey joked with the crowd that the theme of the night was “slightly depressing fun.” But between the tour’s incredible production value, her heartfelt performances, and witty banter, fans seem to be anything but depressed.

It’s extremely evident that Kacey paid attention to detail trying to create an ambiance for the tour. At each venue, the crowd is given LED bracelets that change color along with the music. Her tour’s production team did a spectacular job bringing the visceral emotion of Star-Crossed to life with fire, confetti, lasers, smoke machines, and screen projections. Her setlist pulled most heavily from Star-Crossed and 2018’s Golden Hour. Although, she did slip in her breakthrough hit “Merry Go Round” from her debut, Same Trailer Different Park.

Kacey Takes North America

The tour kicked off on January 19 in Saint Paul and takes Kacey across North America through the end of February. For all 15 dates, alt-pop stars King Princess and MUNA join her on the road. Both acts are openly queer, once again showing Kacey’s support for the LGBTQ+ community. MUNA is a band to watch after releasing “Silk Chiffon” in September, landing them at number three on Music Daily’s 21 Best Indie Songs of 2021.

Click here to check out the remaining dates on Kacey Musgraves’ Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour. Tickets are still available for all dates, so get your hands on them while you can. This is one tour you won’t wanna miss.

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