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Troye Sivan & Gordi Reunite For “Wait”

Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan reunited with fellow Aussie Gordi for “Wait,” the second track featured in his new film Three Months.

Troye & Gordi Reunite After Four Years

Last week, Troye gave fans a taste of new music with “Trouble,” a song for which he recruited dream-pop artist Jay Som. Now, he is back already with his newest track “Wait.” The song includes a collaboration with Aussie artist Gordi. Both songs are featured in his new film Three Months, which is available to stream now on Paramount+.

“Wait” is not the first time that Troye and Gordi have worked together, though. Back in 2018, they collaborated on the track “Postcard,” which was featured in Troye’s album Bloom. 

Speaking about the new collaboration, Gordi explains, “I love collaborating with Troye. He has this unique way of speaking in images that we then try and translate into melody and lyrics. Our instincts with songwriting really seem to align and after our work on “Postcard,” I was excited to have another chance to work together. He told me all about 3 Months and said he wanted to write an original song for it. As a proud member of the queer community, I felt a deep connection to the film. We wanted to write a song that was worthy of the story.”

“Wait” Appears on Troye’s New Movie Three Months

The music video of “Wait” showcases Troye Sivan as the protagonist, where we can see snippets of what Three Months is about. In the video, Troye struggles to stay motivated every day, knowing that there is something that’s killing him on the inside. He acts like a regular teenager on the outside, but on the inside, he’s not feeling great.

Three Months’ Director Jared Frieder previously said the film was about “dismantling the shame around HIV and showing that it’s no longer a death sentence in our modern world with access to healthcare.” Within that context, it also shares a coming-of-age story and a young person “realizing that the very things that make him different also make him indispensable and worthy of love.”

If you have the chance, go and check Three Months out now on Paramount +!

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