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TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Anitta Know You’ll Be ‘Back for More’ With New Single

At the 2023 VMAs, TOMORROW X TOGETHER premiered their new single with Anitta, “Back for More,” and have since released it digitally for the fans.

“Back for More”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, have collaborated with Brazilian singer Anitta for their newest song, “Back for More.” They debuted the song on the 2023 VMA stage, leaving fans eager for more.

“Back for More” is a fun, sexy pop song with lyrics you can’t help but sing to yourself for hours on end.

“I can see you comin’ back for more
Comin’ back for more
If you walk out that door”

– Chorus of “Back for More”

First, the song starts off with the Kpop boys singing about how undeniable their connection is with someone.

“There’s a magic to how we livin’
There’s a magic to what this is
It’s like a dream and we both day-trippin’”

– First verse of “Back for More”

Then, for the second verse, they let Anitta shine. She sings her verse in both English and Spanish.

“I don’t wanna feel nobody
If it isn’t you, baby
Contigo me pongo naughty
Been thinking about you lately
Ita, ita
Loco como mueve el culo, Anitta
De todas yo soy la favorita
Tú estás pa’ mí y yo pa’ ti todita
Pa-pa-pam-pam, pam-pam-pam-pam
I know what you like, sing it like
Pa-pa-pam-pam, pam-pam-pam-pam
Esto va a empezar”

– Second verse of “Back for More”

Finally, everyone comes together to close out the song.

In the VMA performance, the artists, not only premiered their new song, but also premiered the choreography. TXT are magnetic and hypnotic to watch, and Anitta joins in during her verse, showing off her own dancing skills.

This past Friday, the artists dropped the music video for the song. The “Back for More” music video is filled with impressive dancing, striking stage lights, and gorgeous outfits.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Are Making Hit After Hit with their Collabs

The 4th generation Kpop kings have clearly made another hit song with a collaborator. However, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last.

TXT has been collaborating with artists for years. In 2021, the group collaborated with three different artists. For their song “0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You),” they featured South Korean singer Seori. On the Japanese version of that same song, they asked Ikuta Lilas to lend her vocals to the track. Additionally, TXT’s oldest member, Yeonjun, rapped on ENHYPEN’s “BLOCKBUSTER” as a guest artist.

In 2022, TXT released “PS5” with Salem Ilese. The track was produced by Alan Walker. Then, they had iann dior on “Valley of Lies,” which they performed together when TXT hit the Lollapalooza stage that same year.

Finally, this year, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has already had one fun collab. The idols teamed up with the Jonas Brothers on “Do It Like That.”

Clearly, the TXT boys are proving themselves to be quite the collaborators. “Back for More” is yet another example of their growing prowess.

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