Noah Kahan and Lizzy McAlpine Come Together on ‘Call Your Mom’

call your mom
Credit: @NoahKahan on Twitter

Just when we thought that the song couldn’t get any better, Noah Kahan has enlisted “Ceilings” singer Lizzy McAlpine to feature on the emotional track, “Call Your Mom.”

“Call Your Mom” with Lizzy McAlpine

call your mom
Credit: @NoahKahan on Twitter

Rarely do fans get to experience the collaboration of their dreams. With rising stars like Noah Kahan and Lizzy McAlpine, it comes as a pleasant surprise for fans to merge worlds, if only for one track. A few weeks ago, Noah invited Lizzy to join him in performing “Call Your Mom” in Los Angeles. Soon after, Noah announced the duo’s official rendition of “Call Your Mom,” which was released on September 15th.

“Lizzy gave this song new life when she joined me onstage in Los Angeles, and was kind enough to take the time to record a duet version with me. Her addition brings a hopefulness to this song that gave it a whole new meaning to me.”

-Noah via Twitter @NoahKahan

“Call Your Mom” is already a hard-hitting song that pulls emotions from even the deepest parts of your heart. Lizzy pushes the emotions tenfold with her angelic voice, especially on the bridge. Bringing a sense of light with her voice, she contrasts the grim and melancholy lyrics to create a beautiful feature on an already beautiful song.

Lizzy’s feature comes as Noah’s second collaboration on his acclaimed Stick Season album. Only two months ago, Kahan teamed up with Post Malone on “Dial Drunk.” This allowed Noah to tap into a new audience, introducing Posty’s fanbase to the self-proclaimed “Folk Malone.” Both collaborations breathe a new life into Noah’s tracks, giving a level of dimension and depth that have propelled both songs to a different level. We can only hope there are more collaborations on the horizon!

Check out Noah’s collaboration with Lizzy McAlpine down below! Let us know which collab you like better in the comments.

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