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Anitta Pays Homage to Her Brazilian Roots in “Funk Rave”

Anitta turns the page on her new chapter in music with her latest dance single, “Funk Rave.” After her recent split from Warner Music, Anitta’s since joined Republic Records- a change that comes with exciting news for fans. She’s marked the occasion with a single that is sure to get anyone who listens up and on their feet.

If You Haven’t Already, Meet Anitta

Born Larissa de Macedo Machado, Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and actress who has gained international recognition for her vibrant music and captivating performances. The Rio de Janeiro native’s journey to stardom has been marked by her relentless pursuit of success, determination, and immense talent. It is these very traits that have set Anitta forth on a path of world domination in the latin pop world.

Anitta rose to fame in 2013 with her debut single, “Show das Poderosas,” which became an instant hit in Brazil. Since then, she has consistently delivered chart-topping hits and collaborated with renowned artists. These artists include the likes of J Balvin, Major Lazer, and Cardi B, which only showcases her versatility as an artist. From pop, to funk carioca, to reggaeton and Latin trap, Anitta can blend a variety of genres seamlessly. As a result, tracks like “Funk Rave” are born.

Moreover, in a story with Harper’s Bazaar, it was revealed that we can expect a “lusty” collaboration with pop-artist Sam Smith later this year. This is just another example of Anitta branching out musically with an array of talented artists. As a result, she has been consistnetly revving up fan’s excitement for the second half of 2023 “Funk Rave” is only the tiniest sliver of what is to come.

Funk Rave Is the Brazilian Dance Track of the Summer

The song is a dance floor condensed into two and half minutes of upbeat tempos and catchy, hypnotic melodies. It truly embodies the essence of Anitta: unapologetic, bad bitch energy. The true core of a pop star. After all, that’s one of the greatest appeals of artists like Anitta. Her ability to connect with audiences through feelings of empowerment and sexuality is fresh and invigorating. Even at the cost of growing up in historically conservative settings. She’s bold and breaks the rules. And she doesn’t care about the consequences.

“All the music I’ve been making for the past year is music I’m so proud of. It’s both incredibly Brazilian and intentionally international – I made sure it sounds like me in every fiber of the music. Brazilian funk is my roots. It’s what I was born and raised doing. It’s home to me. I made this new music with the intention of showing everyone those roots, what’s most important to me, and leading with “Funk Rave’”does exactly that.”

-Anitta said in a statement about “Funk Rave”

The best way to capture the excitement of “Funk Rave” is to simply give it a listen. Check out the music video down below to get a closer look into the dance track.

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