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TOMORROW X TOGETHER and the Jonas Brothers Love How You ‘Do It Like That’ in New Single

TOMORROW X TOGETHER and the Jonas Brothers have collaborated on “Do It Like That,” a song that is sure to become a summer hit.

“Do It Like That” with the Jonas Brothers and TOMORROW X TOGETHER

The JoBros and TXT have collaborated on a summer hit. Their song “Do It Like That” is fast, flirtatious, and fun. Full of funky instrumentals and light, airy vocals, the song breezes past you like a summer wind, leaving you wanting more. With a duration of about two and a half minutes, the song feels like it had only begun before it ends, making you wish it lasted just a little longer.

The song kicks off with the Jonas Brothers singing the first verse and chorus of the song. Then, they take a bit of a break and let TOMORROW X TOGETHER come in on the second verse and chorus. Finally, the post-chorus begins the culmination of a true collaboration: all eight guys sing and ad-lib together until the song ends.

The Music Video

The Jonas Brothers and TOMORROW X TOGETHER dropped the song and its music video on the same day, so fans not only got to listen to “Do It Like That” on repeat, but they also got to rewatch the music video as many times as they wanted. Only 2 days after its release, the music video garnered over 14 million views on YouTube.

The video starts off with a clapperboard before the camera pans to a close-up of Nick Jonas as the song begins. When the chorus hits, the Jonas Brothers put on a show against the white background with their mic stands, drum kit, speakers, and mostly black clothes that have just enough pops of color in them.

Once the chorus ends, the camera pans again to a close-up of TXT member, Yeonjun and his orange hair. As the chorus begins, the K-pop boys bring their A-game with trendy, playful choreography, and dapper, everyday clothing.

However, when all eight of the guys sing together, that’s when the music video really gets going. Fisheye lenses, crazy dance moves, and a catchy tune all make you feel like the song is a party you don’t want to end.

Check out the music video for “Do It Like That” below.

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