ENHYPEN Drop OST ‘Criminal Love’ and Japanese Single ‘Blossom’

Kpop boy group ENHYPEN has released two new singles: OST “Criminal Love” and Japanese song “Blossom.”

ENHYPEN’s “Criminal Love”

ENHYPEN have recently released two new singles. The first single, “Criminal Love,” is an original soundtrack, or OST, for their HYBE-original Webtoon comic series DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR.

On July 29th, the first night of their FATE world tour, the boys premiered their new song, as well as its charismatic choreography, at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea. The song instantly captivated the fans, who realized they were getting to watch the performance of an unreleased song. ENHYPEN performed “Criminal Love” again on the 30th. Then, on July 31st, the song was released digitally for streaming platforms.

“Criminal Love” is a catchy, hard-hitting song with elements of R&B and pop. The powerful drum instrumentals in the post-chorus of the song are incredibly satisfying to listen to. The boys’ charming vocals add to the already enthralling music. Listen to the song below.


On August 2nd, ENHYPEN dropped their newest Japanese single, “Blossom.” This latest single is set to be part of their upcoming Japanese mini album, 結 -YOU. Aside from “Blossom” the mini album will also feature Japanese versions of the Kpop group’s songs “Bite Me” and “Bills.” Both of these songs are off of ENHYPEN’s most recent EP, DARK BLOOD.

“Blossom” is a bittersweet-sounding song, despite the touching lyrics. While the boys sing and rap about how they have fallen for someone and their love has blossomed, the instrumentals of the song have an almost wistful tone to them. Regardless, “Blossom” is a beautiful, moving song. Listen to it below and discern the message for yourself.

結 -YOU will be the boys’ third Japanese single album. Set to come out September 9th, the single album will be almost two months shy of last year’s release of their first full-length Japanese album, SADAME. Check out the concept films that have been released so far for 結 -YOU below.

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