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The Weeknd Hits Diamond Certified

With the recent release of “Out of Time” The Weeknd is on a streak of his own. This time, instead of his latest project, but previous ones. Tracks “Starboy” and “Blinding Lights” have achieved Diamond Certifications. 


The Weeknd
The Weeknd for Republic Records

A song to reach any sort of milestone it’s gotta sell. For a song to go Gold it needs to sell about 500,000 times in a period of time. For Diamond, a song needs to sell 10 million units. This is the equivalent of a piece going Platinum 10 times. Of course, this is all in reference to digital sales. 

Streaming, however, is a bit different. For a song to qualify for a single sale through streaming, it needs to be streamed 150 times. That seems like a small amount, but consider that tracks tend to reach Gold and Platinum far easier. Most songs that reach Diamond tend to be older tracks. 

Nevertheless, this feat can only be won by earworms and oldies. Artists like Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber have been able to achieve the same. Serving as an example, The Weeknd has achieved what only a handful of his contemporaries have done.

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