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Country-Pop Crossover To Check Out With Morgan Evans and Rivers Cuomo

Morgan Evans and Rivers Cuomo Team Up For a Country-Pop Crossover

Country singer and songwriter Morgan Evans brings Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo along to revamp his drop, “Country Outta My Girl.” Evans previously released the song without Cuomo’s feature on his 2021 EP, The Country And The Coast: Side A. Morgan Evans has seen amazing success in his home country of Australia. He won an ARIA Award for Best Country Album in 2019 for his second record, Things That We Drink To. He’s still working on becoming a household name in the US, despite earning the number 9 spot on the Billboard charts with his second record.

Diving Into “Country Outta My Girl”

But if he’s going to have a breakthrough in the US, I don’t think it’s gonna be with this new track. It has all the hallmarks of a country-pop crossover. Jangly guitar, electronically manufactured drum beats, and overworked one-liners all about his girl staying true to her country roots. Evans describes his girl as “singin’ George Strait on 5th Avenue” and is akin to a “dirty martini in a mason jar.” It’s certainly nothing special but it’s not bad. That is until Rivers Cuomo’s comes in.

The Manhattan native argues the contrary, that you can’t take the city out of his girl. Straight out of the gate, he describes his girl as “a dumpling with the tofu fried.” And later as the “anime girl at the old swap meet.” Is it just me or does that feel slightly racially motivated? But the worst of it comes when Evans joins Cuomo at the end of his verse. “And she takes that iPhone/Everywhere she goes now (Ha, at least they got that in common),” they sing. I can’t describe that interaction as anything but cringey. Check out the song below.



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