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The Somber Beauty of Mae Krell’s “imposter syndrome”

Mae Krell is Back With a Brand New EP

Don’t be fooled by what Mae Krell may tell you. She is no imposter. She’s the real deal. On her latest EP “imposter syndrome,” Mae Krell proves herself as a deeply vulnerable songwriter with flourishing talent and potential. Her lyrics have incredible imagery, bringing to life and mystifying her troubles. And although her lyrics are profoundly sad, her delivery is delicate and angelic. Mae Krell’s sardonic demeanor and wispy vocals over top dreamy folk guitars can be likened to that of Phoebe Bridgers. This is her second EP, following 2018’s “Anabasis.”  Overall, “imposter syndrome” is a charming 4 track EP that is over too soon and will leave you wanting more.

Digging Into “imposter syndrome”

“Phantom Limb” is a tragic piano ballad about the end of a relationship. If you’ve had your heart broken recently, I’d warn you that this song may be too real. “You’re still here like a phantom limb/ An itch I can’t scratch/ Because I’ll tear up my skin,” sings Mae. “rest stop” is a standout track for its unique bridge. A little over halfway through the track, groovy buzzing guitars and skipping drums rise up to create an atmospheric sound. One of the biggest takeaways from the EP is Mae Krell’s captivating and earnest lyrics and delivery. Her vocals feel raw with subtle quirks that only make her music feel more sincere.

“This ep genuinely feels like the culmination of my artistic and personal growth over the past two years”, Mae writes on Instagram. She continues, “These songs, at their core, are about pushing through hard experiences and feelings because you know that it’ll all be worth it. Because you know that one day it’ll help someone else.” And Mae was certainly right about it helping someone else. Her deep self-reflection and candidness about her feelings have an impact as a listener.



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