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KAWALA is “Hypnotized” on New Single

British pop band KAWALA released their latest single “Hypnotized,” arriving on the heels of “Jesse C’mon.”

“Hypnotized” is The Latest Offering Off Their Debut Album

KAWALA is gearing up for the release of their highly-awaited debut album Better With You, which arrives on March 4 via Universal Music Group. It will include a total of 10 songs, with previously-released tracks such as “Good Like This,” “Jesse C’mon” and the new “Hypnotized.” It will also feature never-heard-before tunes, like “Marathon,” “Sailor” and “Echoes.”

“Hypnotized” is a vivid and upbeat track that explains feeling lost in a situation that you don’t want to be in. “’Cause I’m trying to work on me right now. Been going too fast, I need to slow down. I’ve seen it all before so I turn the lights out. Just to feel it, just to feel it. I’ve been hypnotized, hypnotized,” they sing in the chorus.

KAWALA explains, “’Hypnotized’ is all about finding yourself in that situation you promised yourself you wouldn’t be in again and realizing it’s not what you actually want for the 100th time. It’s about traversing the world as if you haven’t got a choice.”

About their upcoming debut album, band member Jim Higson shared, “We’ve always been a little outsider-y. We don’t fit the pop narrative; we don’t quite fit the usual band narrative. We’re really happy to be taking up that space, but I think this is our flag in the sand moment. The album really says: This is us, here we are!”

KAWALA is Going on Tour This April!

KAWALA is about to head out on an extensive tour across the UK and Europe this April. Kicking off the tour on April 7 in Leeds, UK, they will make stops in cities like Glasgow, Manchester, Berlin, Vienna, and Amsterdam before making one final stop in Paris on April 30. All dates and tickets to their tour are available here. 


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