December 02, 2022
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Rihanna to Release a New Album This Year


Global star Rihanna could make her big comeback to music this year, and release a new studio album.

Rihanna’s Comeback is Finally Happening

It’s been 6 long years since Rihanna released her last album ANTI. Crazy, right?! Well, hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer until we get to listen to new music from this queen. There is word out that she’s planning on putting an album out this year!

A source told The Sun newspaper, “It’s happening. Rihanna will drop an album this year. She is getting ready to release this year. It is always something she had planned to do for her fans. She has heard their calls for her new tunes and knows they have been waiting so patiently. She’s excited to bring them something new.”

Recently, Rihanna revealed that even though she is currently pregnant, she is still planning to drop a surprise record dedicated to her fans in the coming months. “Well, yes … You’re still going to get music from me.”

She also promised that her new album will be “worth the wait,” while she has teased that fans can expect a “completely different sound;” and although there’s music that is ready to go, she wants to wait until she’s completely satisfied. “I’m always working on new music. Just because I haven’t released an album in a few years doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it. I’m not just going to put music out because people are craving it. I’m going to make it worth the wait – and it will be worth the wait.”

What She Has Done Since Her 2016 Album ANTI

Although Rihanna’s last album was 2016’s ANTI, she did team up with N.E.R.D and Drake for the 2018 single “Lemon” and joined forces with PARTYNEXTDOOR in 2020 for “BELIEVE IT.”

So, what do you think Rihanna’s new sound will be like? Are you excited to finally hear more music from her? Let us know in the comments!



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