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The Palladium Tour Showcases Greyson Chance’s Talent

Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance is currently on his Palladium tour, where he’s visiting 29 cities across the UK, Europe, United States, and Canada.

Greyson Has Been Doing This For A While

Greyson Chance recently released his new album Palladium and celebrated by doing what he does best – performing in front of hundreds of fans. That being said, the Palladium tour was surely one for the books. I’ve been following Greyson for a while (since 2010, when we were both 13 years old to be exact) and he just keeps getting better every year.

On every tour, Greyson always has something new to offer the audience. This time, it was no different. With Palladium being released this past September, it was obvious that he would be excited to perform a lot of new songs live. And once again, he didn’t disappoint.

Palladium is a 13-song project. On this tour, he performed 12 of these live, (only “Pallas” was left out of the setlist). At the same time, he revisited songs from his past eras such as tracks from his 2019 album portraits. 

Playing Almost Every Song On Palladium

So, let’s start from the beginning. I was able to see Greyson Chance at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on October 27th. This was (I think) my fourth time seeing him live, and hopefully, I get to see him again for many more! 

The stage featured beautiful, dark lightning with different colors – blue, pink, yellow, and more. That set the tone perfectly for the atmosphere that Greyson’s songs bring to the room. When he took the stage, he kicked off the show with 6 tracks from Palladium: “Mercury Year,” “Athena,” “Aloe Vera,” “Watchtowers,” “Black Mascara,” and “My Dying Spirit.” All of these have different rhythms, and the audience matched every single one of them with their energy, as well as Greyson.

Let’s Dance! Now, Let’s Cry

After that intro, it was time to dance. “West Texas,” “Down & Out,” “Timekeeper,” and “Yours” were next. Here, Greyson did an amazing job showcasing his various dance moves as well as his angelic falsetto, which he makes seem so easy to mimic! (hint: it’s not.)

Just then, Chance took the piano and slowed things down. He gave a speech about how this song was very special to him. For the first time, he was going to try to take his own advice and listen to the lyrics instead of just singing them. The song was “Good as Gold.” If you have never heard of it, I highly suggest you give it a listen. Oh, and have some tissues ready.

Greyson Didn’t Miss The Opportunity To Play “Lakeshore”

Toward the end of the show, Greyson Chance made sure to praise Chicago. He performed “Lakeshore,” which is a song whose title is inspired by Chicago’s iconic Lakeshore Drive – a well-known highway that offers majestic views. In this song, of course, fans were filled with excitement and sang as loud as they could. 

How The Inspiration For Palladium Started

Greyson Chance ended the concert with – you guessed it – “Palladium.” He explained that he took inspiration from a class he took in college, where he learned about ancient history from Greece. He began describing how when “Athena” faced punishment, people from her town of Troy preserved a wooden statue of her in palladium. They protected this statue at all costs. As long as the statue was safe, they would be safe. So, in his song, he describes loving someone so strongly that he wants to protect them as if it was palladium. 

Overall, Greyson put on an amazing performance for this stop of his Palladium tour. If he’s coming to your town soon, make sure to go see him! I promise you, you won’t regret it. (For reference, I took my fiancé who didn’t know a single one of his songs. And he ended up loving them.) 

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