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Greyson Chance Delivers New Album “Palladium”

Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance released his latest album Palladium. With a total of 13 songs, the album follows on last year’s Trophies EP and his 2019 comeback album portraits.

Greyson Teased His New Album For Months

When Greyson Chance gets inspired and starts making new music, he doesn’t stop. And we have to make the most of it! This summer, he announced that his new album Palladium was going to arrive in the fall, and released the title track as the lead single. After the announcement, he released the singles “Athena” and “Homerun Hitter” prior to the LP’s release to keep giving fans a taste of the new music. And now, we have the full project in our hands!

Once you first start listening to the album, it is very clear that Greyson has changed his sound. His last two projects featured ballads as well as fast-paced bangers. In this new project, however, the ballads are the ones that take the win. But they are also distinct, taking a more alternative approach than his classic piano perspective. 

However, he has let us know that this was coming with the single releases as well as teasers on social media. His new sound lets us see that Greyson is growing – as a person as well as a musician – and he’s not afraid to try different routes. And let me tell you, Palladium indeed takes a new approach that nobody was expecting, not even his fans. In it, he talks about serious topics that not many people talk about.

Palladium Takes a Significant Approach

Palladium is an album about growing up gay in America,” Greyson says. “It’s an album about being 24 years old in America, and how my first memories are of 9/11. About falling out of love, growing back into it, falling into traps, reading history, experiencing history, drinking too much, working too hard, and not working hard enough. It’s an album about running my fingers across old scars and bandaging up new ones.”

So there you have it. If you’re ready to cry, feel anger, and a bunch of mixed emotions all at once, go listen to Palladium, out now.

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