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Nathanie Drops A Powerful New Track: “I Met You”

“i met you,” a pensive new tune by pop artist Nathanie just dropped. And it is a quiet tribute to coping and love. Let’s check out this artist together!


The Vulnerability In “I Met You”

“i met you” was first teased by Nathanie in a Youtube short in early September. She stated that it would be a “tune about coping mechanisms.” The song would release just under a month later, and the message Nathanie alluded to is clear. Going deep into the crippling addiction of alcohol and drugs, Nathanie explores how love can save a person from relapsing. 

nathanie drops "i met you"

“Although I’m older/ My vices never left/ They only stick around to fix my lonely/ Till I met you” 

In an Instagram post before she released the song, Nathanie described the personal vulnerability she dived into when she made this song, commenting about her own experiences with toxic addictions. 


Catchy, Cultural, And Classy

Despite being a young artist, Nathanie has already got the music industry figured out, making waves in her own unique style! Aspiring to be a full-time music artist, the New York based artist has already delivered many incredible tracks, such as the popular rap-esque track “Who Do I Call” and the equally catchy yet also poetic “Sunscreen.” The vulnerable songwriting in tracks like “i met you” make her relatable and comforting. Starting off by covering artists such as Bruno Major and Frank Ocean, Nathanie now is her own singer/songwriter. 


Her Music Video “Episodes”

Nathanie has not only delivered on “i met you” but also on the impressive video production. With many artists neglecting video performances, Nathanie already has multiple incredibly choreographed and well-edited music videos. For example, “paper,” “emma,” “yellow,” “Who Do I Call,” funny life,” and “day ones,” titling each video as an episode. For now, it’s unclear if these “episodes” will be building onto a season. But, like many things, the best things come when you wait! 

Nathanie describes her music as Malaysian pop, and her heritage can be seen everywhere in her music videos. There’s traditional Asian settings everywhere you look. She includes an Asian local supermarket, resting hill roofs, Malaysian silks and attire, as well as Asian TV shows playing in the background. It’s great to see Asian representation in the arts! 

Nathanie’s mission is just as cool, as, in her own words, she’s trying to “make music that the rest of the world can vibe with. Music is the thing that brings me the most fulfillment, so I’m trying to make it a bigger part of my life by doing it full time.” So come on folks! Let’s get this girl more of the recognition she deserves! 

Check out Nathanie’s music video for “i met you” below.

Nathanie’s website

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