The Final Show of Prophecy Girl’s Revelations Tour

Today's Music Discovery is an Australian DJ who has opened shows for Charli XCX Slayyyter, Lil Mariko, and more.

Australian DJ Prophecy Girl brings local talent (called “Slayers”) for the finale of the Revelations tour in Naarm, Australia. For their small yet dedicated following, the “Naarm-based vampire slayer” has opened for powerhouse music artists like Charli XCXSlayyyterdaine, Machine Girl, and Lil Mariko.

Australian DJ Prophecy Girl brings local talent (called "Slayers") for the finale of his 'Revelations' tour, in Naarm, Australia. For his small yet dedicated following, the "Naarm-based vampire slayer" has opened for powerhouse pop artists like Charli XCX, Slayyyter, daine, Machine Girl, and Lil Mariko.
Prophecy Girl (Photographed by Lux Newman)

Writhing in explosive fury, Prophecy Girl is a must-see live performer and is proud to present their sold-out, final show of The Revelations Tour with legendary local support acts: Harvest (Live), RIA, Miranda Skye, and D V D x 1sayerr.

After an intensifying past few years, they started their 2023 national headline tour via opening for daine’s shapeless tour. Prophecy Girl’s Revelations tour mixed solo gigs and support efforts. But no matter the occasion, his fanbase– the “Prophecy Cult”– infected every venture the red-haired DJ lit ablaze. When the performer opened for Charli XCX’s two CRASH dates, the Prophecy Cult helped electrify the shows.

@pr0phecygirll it’s prophecy babyyyy 😈 BTS of the @Charli XCX CRASH AUS TOUR !!! thank u for having me charli 🖤 #charlixcx #charlixcxcrash #dj ♬ Good Ones – Charli XCX

Favorite Tracks from Prophecy Girl

Their SoundCloud profile is home to most of their live show sets– an instant FOMO cure– and personal mixes. Prophecy Girl’s set for the CRASH tour uses niche pop culture staples to filter their industrial hyperpop 30-plus minute mix. Tracks from artists like SOPHIE, Rosalía, Addison Rae and Shygirl appear deconstructed and rebuilt ten times more addictive.

The intro of “the chosen one” makes the track an instant discography must-hear. The monologue from fictional character Rupert Giles of TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer— a favorite of theirs– quickly transforms into a techno bloodbath. The fusion of LSDXOXOKesha, The Black Eyed Peas, and jamesjamesjames feels like a final boss battle that just so happens to span 26 minutes.

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