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daine Drops New Single “boythots”

Emo pop singer daine just dropped a new single “boythots,” a huge departure from Daine’s typical music style.


An Emotional Singer

Growing up with US emo bands, daine became heavily involved in their local music community. Daine eventually would create music in their own bedroom, incorporating a Midwestern emo feel in their music. With their singing and their guitar, their songs are simple yet complex at the same time.

daine drops "boythots"

A lot of daine’s music hails from her experiences in high school. In particular, her first debut EP, “Quantum Jumping,” was a mixtape that drew a lot from relationship struggles, loneliness, and general teenage stress. Powerful lyrics such as “I think im stuck in a dream / Been this way since 16 / I hold myself to nothing / Keeping all guts in”     in the track “comes and goes” show struggles with mental health. Lyrics such as “Weekends, I’m bleeding / Kept secrets, I’m falling out / Stopping myself from texting you back / I don’t wanna be alone but I’m acting like it” in the track “weekends” show daine’s relationship with love.

In an interview with NME, daine says that “I was at a horrible public school, crying every day.  Music was my lifeline to get out and I held onto that for dear life.” Explaining that her music is drawn from experience and feelings, it’s no wonder why her music is so rich with feeling.

Charli XCX’s Protege

Now a rising emo pop singer, daine has been noticed by many artists, in particular, Charli XCX, who just released a hot new summer track. Charli XCX is a mentor to daine, and has given her advise about how to succeed in the industry. Daine has cited Charli XCX as an inspiration and as a genius in the industry who’s helped them out so much. In the same interview with NME, she says: “I think she’s a f***ing genius. She’s taught me so much about work ethic, and she’s really helped me out, so I’ll take it. We met through a mutual friend at Laneway Festival in 2019, then we played mini golf in Sydney together. People think they’ve figured her out, but she’s always one step ahead. Her approach to everything is so smart – I really want to follow in her footsteps.”

A Different Tone

With “boythots”, however, daine has plunged headfirst into a pop tone. While her other songs were much gentler and acoustic, “boythots” is faster-paced and more synthetic. There’s a heavy bass and a much more prominent drum beat in the instrumental.

The other most significant change in daine’s style in this track is her lyrics. “boythots” is materialistic and sexual, with daine switching the more soul-feel tone to a more raw expression of lashing emotions.

“Treat that boy like a sl*t

That’s what he is

F*** me like I’m a star

You want some real s**t”


While the change in tone is extremely noticeable, the heat this song packs is undeniable, and we are excited to see where this takes daine next!

Currently, daine is not going on tour, but check out her website for more updates!

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