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Los Angeles-based rising star Lily Lizotte – better known as THE BLOSSOM, is back with their latest single “SPORTS CAR.”

THE BLOSSOM Shares Their Thoughts With the World

Lizotte began refining their craft as a songwriter during their pre-teen years (Lizotte is gender non-binary and uses they/them pronouns). But it wasn’t until last year that they took on the form of their current moniker, THE BLOSSOM. 

Lizotte wanted something that evoked a certain sense of expansiveness rather than anything that felt pointedly gendered; settling on a name that brings to mind natural growth, evolution, and the slow process of opening up and self-actualizing.

And THE BLOSSOM has definitely been doing that since last year. In this short amount of time, they have managed to drop a bundle of various singles that challenge the norms and feature a unique sound. 

Lamenting Their Fears on “SPORTS CAR”

“SPORTS CAR” marks THE BLOSSOM’s fifth single of the year and it brings us back to the early 2000’s era. With a music video filmed with the help of a green screen; THE BLOSSOM and their band rock out in the middle of a sports car race, giving the song an ideal visual.

In a statement, THE BLOSSOM shared the inspiration behind their new single. “‘SPORTS CAR’ is the energy of my project in full effect. Lamenting the past, present, and future… I’m in perpetual dreaming. Boisterous while swerving out of the hellish turmoil I’ve been slugging through. Chaotic good. My burning youth, head in the clouds, and stretching out my growing pains to grab something bigger. I build small homes and carve out spaces in my mind for pain, insecurities, and all my fears.”

Getting to Know THE BLOSSOM

Born to a family of artists – Lizotte’s father, Mark Lizotte, is a staple of Australia’s music scene – Lizotte spent their childhood between New York City and Sydney. They moved to Brooklyn as a young adult, kicking off their fashion tenure as a designer in the Lower East Side. However, songwriting was always the creative undercurrent that grounded them.

This gravitational pull towards music inspired Lizotte to move to Los Angeles last year, and the community of like-minded artists they have met there has set their wide-ranging references and innovative songwriting into greater focus.

Bio info courtesy of Paradigm Talent Agency.

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