The Vamps Drop Psychedelic “Would You” Music Video

UK-based pop band The Vamps have been on the music scene for a while. After releasing their latest album Cherry Blossom last year, they just dropped the music video for the latest single off the album, “Would You.”

The Vamps Grew Up On Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom marks the fifth studio album from The Vamps, which came out in October 2020. The band first teased the album with the lead single “Married in Vegas” back in July. After getting tons of attention thanks to its catchy sound, the band announced that a new album was going to follow the single.


Cherry Blossom is a big milestone for the group, as it shows how much they’ve grown up musically and lyrically. “Cherry Blossom represents the transience, fragility, and brilliance of life. The album stands for rebirth and new beginnings while being proud of what has been. It’s about letting go of inhibitions and immersing yourself in something new. We’ve poured our hearts into these songs. We want them to be therapy and elation for you all, just like they have been for us,” the band shared on Instagram.

“Better” was the second and last single to come out before the album release, only two weeks before the album’s arrival. It’s a pop song with touches of electronic music, making it an original tune for the group.

“Would You” Marks The Third Single Off The New Album

Now, six months later, the album released. The Vamps also released the music video for the third single off the album. The video for “Would You” explores each of the band members’ struggles with questioning if their respectives’ other halves feel the same way about them. “If I walked out the door. Would you even notice I’m gone? Would you even miss me at all?”

Each of the band members also shared their thoughts on the newest single. James: “I think ‘Would You’ was really interesting for me because I’m a big fan of John Mayer. The very early demo that Brad first put together made me think of John Mayer.”

Brad: “It started off on the Rhodes. Then I knew that I wanted to have the verse and the pre-chorus really wide ’80s atmospheric, and that’s where the Rhodes and the electric really do it. I got the production to a place and then Tris dropped his sauce on top of it.”

Tristan: “It’s a little bit of seasoning, a little bit of spice.

Brad: “I think we could do another album in a similar style to this. I wanted it to sound like Ryan Gosling in Drive. Really, really proud of this one.”

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