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Sofi Tukker Jump Around to Remix MARINA’s “Venus Fly Trap”

EDM duo Sofi Tukker released their remix version of MARINA’s “Venus Fly Trap,” and we are absolutely loving it.

“Venus Fly Trap” Brings Out MARINA’s Sassy Side

“Venus Fly Trap” was MARINA’s fourth and last single off her latest album Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land to be released prior to the album release. It has accumulated more than 8 million streams on Spotify, and believe it or not, Sofi Tukker haven’t been the first DJ’s to remix the track. Blossom was the first one to give the song a new version, and shortly after, Kito jumped in as well. Only this time, popstar Tove Lo offered her vocals to be part of the new remix.

About the original version of “Venus Fly Trap,” MARINA explained on Twitter the meaning of the song. “So many of us have repeatedly repressed ourselves throughout life to gain acceptance + made ourselves small so that others can feel comfortable. ‘Venus Fly Trap’ is a celebration of self-ownership, confidence + joy that comes from truly being free.”

Also, while doing a Q&A live stream on YouTube so fans could ask questions about the album, she added more details. “‘Venus Fly Trap’ is really sassy. I’m sure my lyrics are going to be taken out of context and misunderstood, which I love. It’s a very sassy, fun, bouncy, big song. It’s silly, but I love it so much.”

Sofi Tukker Jump Around For a New Remix

On the new remix of “Venus Fly Trap” Sofi Tukker shared their excitement in a statement. “This is one of our favorite remixes we’ve ever done. It is one of those songs where, when we were working on it, we just let it keep running and turned it up cuz it’s so fun to listen to. Marina’s lyrics and melody are incredible. It was an honor to remix.”

Listen to the new remix of the song and let us know what you think of it!

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