Carlie Hanson Seeks Honesty on “Off My Neck”

Rising artist Carlie Hanson is back with her newest single. “Off My Neck” arrives as the follow-up to “Gucci Knife,” featuring MASN.

Carlie Feels Betrayed on “Off My Neck”

Just in May, Carlie dropped her single “Gucci Knife” featuring MASN. With a similar message to “Off My Neck,” the song is very personal to her as it deals with heartbreak. “‘Gucci Knife’ captures the heavy heartbreak of being so unexpectedly let down by a person after they change their mind, what feels like, overnight,” Carlie said at the time.

“Off My Neck” is a pop-rock aggressive track where Carlie expresses feeling betrayed by someone she considered a good friend once. “I can’t get you off my mind. You said we’d be friends ’til the day we die. Well, I am still alive. They said the truth hurts, but what about lies? Cut my head off my neck. Oh, just to forget. Can’t get you off my mind,” she sings in the chorus.

The music video of “Off My Neck,” directed by Ryan Baxley, is backdropped by a panoramic view of Los Angeles; as Carlie performs the song along. “‘Off My Neck” is about a friendship that goes sideways and how you want to escape your own brain just to stop thinking about it – especially when it’s someone you thought would be in your life forever,” said Carlie.

She Just Played a Sold-Out Show

Last week, Carlie performed a sold-out show at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles. It was also her first headlining show since the beginning of the pandemic. She performed the new song, alongside fan favorites and songs from her second EP, DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy. 

Before the show took place, Carlie partnered with shopping platform Depop around “Off My Neck” for a special fan giveaway to give a lucky fan tickets to the sold-out show. Carlie’s 25-item collection on Depop highlights outfits from her favorite shows, music videos & behind-the-scenes moments, is available on her page here.

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