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The Amazons: “There’s A Light” from Upcoming Album

Rock band The Amazons release the fourth single, “There’s A Light” from their upcoming album, How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?

The Amazons
Ph: Jessica Greaves

The Amazons make a slight style shift

After another single that was less rhythmic, it seems like the style of the band’s new album is decided. A slightly less rock and more indie vibe. The band adds another piece to the final album puzzle. After the latest release “How Will I Know” and the previous “Ready For Something” and “Bloodrush,” a new single arrived.

Except for “Ready For Something”, the band is changing their style.  Unlike the rock vibes from previous album releases -2017’s The Amazons and 2019’s Future Dust – the chance of How Will I Know being as strong as before are getting lower. However, this is not uncommon in the rock scene, where multiple artists slowly migrated to more pop-like music. From Linkin Park to Bring Me The Horizon, or the classic Beatles journey from skiffle to pop and finally to psychedelic. Despite the lacking strong guitars and stronger drum sets, the song comes off as a groovy and catchy song.

How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? Album and Tour

In less than three weeks and the Amazons’ third album How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? will come out. The band is getting ready with their multiple singles coming out, announcing a great album accompanied also by a 12 dates tour. The band previously opened concerts for bands like Greta Van Fleet and Royal Blood, but only now reaches the goal of having their own headlining nights.

Singles like “There’s A Light,” “How Will I Know” and previous released “Bloodrush” and “Ready For Something” will all be part of the upcoming album. A great question revolves around the song One By One. The Amazons played the song multiple times during their live concerts, but they never officially released or announced it.

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