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Phoebe Green is “Crying in the Club,” But It’s Okay

Phoebe Green has just released her latest single “Crying in the Club.”

Phoebe Green’s “Crying in the Club” is About Growth and Acceptance

Indie pop singer Phoebe Green has recently released her newest single, “Crying in the Club.” Based in Manchester, Phoebe Green has been making and releasing music since 2016. Long-time Phoebe Green listeners will notice the recent change in her music, like with “Crying in the Club.”

Phoebe green lucky me album

“Crying in the Club” is an electronic, beat-driven song. This is quite different from her guitar-led indie songs she’s created for the past few years. Fans will get the feeling that Green is breaking from her norm and rediscovering who she is and what kind of music she wants to make.

Phoebe green
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DIY Magazine reports that Green has said, “‘Crying In The Club’ is definitely one of my favourite (sonically) upbeat songs I’ve written, again with Jessica Winter who encourages my inner pop star! I wanted to write a song about growing and progressing a lot internally without anybody really noticing; I’ve worked so hard on altering my behavioural patterns and habitual self sabotage that I deliberately conceal, but it’s all beneath the surface. It’s about craving validation for my efforts but coming to terms with the fact that it doesn’t matter what anybody wants from me, because they’ll never stop wanting, I just need to be accepting of myself and where I’m at.”

Check out the official live video for “Crying in the Club” below!

“Crying in the Club” is off of Phoebe Green’s recently released, 13-track, studio album debut, Lucky Me. Before releasing “Crying in the Club,” Green released four other singles off of Lucky Me: “Make It Easy,” “Lucky Me,” “Sweat” and “Just A Game.”

The Lucky Me Tour

Phoebe Green has made plans to go on tour in celebration of Lucky Me. The Lucky Me Tour begins November 16th at Dublin Grand Social. Check out her Instagram post announcing the tour below!


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