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Greta Van Fleet concert review

Greta Van Fleet is an American band from Frankenmuth, Michigan. With their rock and bluesy sound, a strong and central guitar and a high pitched lead voice, the band has always been associated to Led Zeppelin -and therefor underestimated and even brought down. With the release of their latest album, 2021 The Battle At Garden’s Gate, and the following tour, the band has proved everyone wrong.

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet







The opening acts: The Amazons and The Struts

To open the concert the band hosted two incredible guests: The Amazons and The Struts. Both the performances were absolutely incredible. In the first case, the alternative rock vibe of the English band formed in 2014 entertained and thrilled the audience. Moreover, the band also presented a soon-to-release single, “One By One,” which left everyone speechless.  I’m sure many started listening to The Amazons’ catchy, melodic and rhythmic discography.

As for The Struts, they presented one of the most interesting and involving performance I’ve ever witnessed. The crowed was astonished by the lead singer Luke Spiller’s multiple “games” with the crowd. Through jumps, choirs and Spiller’s Mick Jagger-styled moves, and with the performance of their biggest hits (including Could Have Been Me and Body Talks), the band created an extremely special and enveloping atmosphere.

Both the bands set the level for the following mesmerising GVF.

A review of the Greta Van Fleet’s performance

Greta Van Fleet performed in Milan at the Ippodromo Snai La Maura on June 9. There, I got the chance to see them, and what I witnessed was far from what I expected.

Lead vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, keyboardist an bassist Sam Kiszka and drummer Daniel Wagner came as iconic as they could be. The band arrived dressed in what has now become their singular and characteristic outfit. 70s-recalling tight-fitting jumpsuits, their now iconic being barefoot, and a singular white stage that identifies their performances.
The concert immediately began with a strong “Built by Nations” from their latest album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate. They soon moved back in time to one of their earliest successes, Safari Song. “Highway Tune” was played as well from their most recent tracks to their earliest singles, the band performed their most famous hits with strength and energy. The concert was extremely fascinating. Through guitar solos, drums and a short final bass solo, GVF impressed and held everyone. Especially with When the Curtain Falls, the band’s fusion of vibrant energy and passion gave a breathtaking performance that left the public mesmerised. Another incredible moment was the extremely moving and deep Light My Love.

In their live show, the band was able to recreate the central atmosphere that so much characterises their latest album. This is the case of the dystopian “Age Of Machine,” where the band peaked. Josh’s vocalisations made the performance absolutely thrilling and breathtaking. A compelling rhythm associated with such a strong, unique and accurate voice made the song a true work of art. Moreover, lead vocalist Josh Kiszka even proposed some whistle notes at the end of the performance.

The concert was inspired and inspiring, one of the best both for the band’s ability to warm and make the audience feel part of the concert, and for their great technic. All the members of Greta Van Fleet are in fact extremely professional and greatly able to entertain a live audience, offering a performance to take your breath away.


Built by Nations
Safari Song
Black Smoke Rising
Age of Machine
Light My Love
The Weight of Dreams (Guitar solo)
Heat Above
When the Curtain Falls
Age of Man
Highway Tune
(Cream’s Rollin ‘And Tumblin’ interlude)
My Way, Soon


Greta Van Fleet will tour until the end of December. Precisely, the band will conclude their tour dates on Dec 10 in Atlantic City. Make sure to find your ticket here and get the chance to see one of the most unique and important band in today’s rock scene.

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