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Lights Out for Royal Blood’s concert

English alternative rock band Royal Blood is about to conclude their 2022 tour, therefore we couldn’t find a better moment to review one their performances. The band arrived at Milan’s Fabrique on June 23, and gave the best live shows.

Royal Blood

The Amazons opening performance

Now used to the Italian climate after having already played for nothing less than Greta Van Fleet at the I-Days in Milan (and soon to opening the concert of The Darkness on July 23), The Amazons returned to Italy’s capital of music to open the concert of Royal Blood. A great engaging performance, where The Amazons proved to deserve to performe close to such important bands. Their music, characterised by catchy but at the same time rhythmic and “rock” music, with melodic and catchy alternative riffs, together with their great live show, made everyone have a great time. Nobody can resist the strength of the Amazons, which are growing visibly all over the world – and they deserve it.

Royal Blood in Milan

The royal blood concert was something incredible.

With the energy of 100 men, the duo, formed by Mike Kerr (vocals and bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums), accompanied in a few pieces by a session man who played keyboards and second vocals, have completely overturned Milan’s Fabrique. Famous for not using guitars (just a bass), the band has the same power of an entire orchestra.

The fusion of the brute force of Thatcher, one of the best drummers of the moment, on his drums and even using a gong, the melodic voice of Kerr, the second voice lines, and the bass, created one of the most acclaimed performances. Singles like their biggest successes Lights Out and Figure It Out were only some of the songs that made everyone jump and shake their heads. Performing their latest hits like , Limbo and Trouble Coming straight from their new 2021 album Typhoons, the band created an amazing atmosphere for the varied audience that came to see them.

The concert started off strong with the title song of the band’s last album, Typhoons. The band also played their older “classics,” like their first singles and songs that made them famous, Out Of The Black and Ten Tonne Skeleton. To conclude the show, Royal Blood performed their latest single Honeybrains as well.


The Amazons
In my mind
Ready for something
One by one
Black magic

Royal Blood

Lights Out
Come on Over
Trouble’s Coming
Hook, Line & Sinker
Little Monster
How Did We Get So Dark?
Blood Hands
Million and One
Loose Change
Figure It Out
All We Have Is Now
Ten Tonne Skeleton
Out Of The Black

Alternating with ironic moments, including the various “alcohol games” of the drummer who several times have also involved staff members, the band created an unforgettable performance. From young people to mothers (and even some children), from rockers to casual-dressed music fans, the band hosted one of the most interesting audiences -and for a reason! In fact, their music abilities and visible passion is something that goes behind genres or ages.

A mixture of alcohol, not taking themselves too seriously, playing with the crowd (even jumping in to run around together) makes the band the epitome of pure rock. However, as much as they could be classified under the tag “rock” and “hard rock,” Royal Blood is something behind labels.

Fun, engaging and energetic, the duo is guaranteed entertainment for anyone looking for a good concert to see.

Royal Blood are now in the US and will perform until the end of August! Make sure to find your tickets here and see this huge duo live soon!

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