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Sondre Lerche Covers Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande

Sondre Lerche completes 70 minute performance.

Sondre Lerche live-streamed what is surely one of the most artistically ambitious performances. He decided to film at the Drammens Theater in Norway with over 30 people.

Lerche created a 70-minute performance, And In My Dreams: Patience Extravaganza. It was filmed and recorded completely live with no editing whatsoever.

Sondre Lerche completes 70 minute performance.
Courtesy of Missing Piece PR

“Visually, I’m always inspired by Hitchcock, the way he used color, lighting and costume very symbolically,” stated Lerche. “That’s a theme in my music and music videos, and it carries into this.

I really trusted Eivind’s attention to visual detail and lighting. We wished for the show to take place in a heightened state, and for the audience to be transported with us.

[The crew] did what we could to get as far away from traditional concert film as possible — like having only one camera follow me at a time for most of the shoot, and to largely show the performance in medium to wide shots.

We wanted the audience to feel that something was at stake, and so it was important that the performance was 100% live, without any post-production. As a performer, that’s the experience that really makes me tick, I just love it and thrive on that vibe

Sondre Lerche Covers Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

Lerche released covers of both Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On You” and Bob Dylan’s “I Contain Multitudes. These covers are not mere reproductions; they are reimaginations that reflect Lerche’s unique artistry and perspective.

“I wanted it all to happen in the form of a fever dream of performances that might have been, as well as echoing some of the great experiences that I was lucky enough to have, despite everything, in 2020. In many ways, this is the physical embodiment of the ‘performance-piece of work’  that I sing about in the song ‘Patience.”

These tracks are a testament to Lerche’s versatility as a musician, his ability to tap into the emotional core of any song and infuse it with his own touch. Both covers have received commendable responses from fans and critics alike, celebrating the refreshing twists he has given to these well-loved tracks.
Listen/download both songs via Bandcamp here.
In addition, Lerche has teased fans with a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s a trailer for the upcoming performance, promising a deep dive into his musical journey and a chance to experience his interpretations in a live setting. Don’t miss out!

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