Riley Green Drops ‘Where Corn Don’t Grow’ Cover

Riley Green’s Amazon Exclusive Single

Riley Green has released an Amazon Music exclusive cover of outlaw country legend Waylon Jenning’s 1990 release, ‘Where Corn Don’t Grow’.

The country music star had been quiet since his If It Wasn’t for Trucks EP release this past November, but he’s back in action with this new single.

Where Corn Don’t Grow

Riley Green is not the first to drop an instant-hit cover of Jenning’s tune. Another country music icon, Travis Tritt, made the track into a Top 10 charting single in 1996. The song is a classic of the old ways of the genre: devoid of any references to partying and trucks. More Americana than Country Pop, one might be mistaken in thinking this song was a misstep for the popular singer-songwriter. Don’t worry. Green has churned out a new earworm for his fans.

As with every cover, Green’s version is an homage, but this one comes with a few instantly-obvious updates. It’s extra-heavy on the bass and paired with crisp electric guitars, even featuring a bliss-inducing solo. Green has successfully adapted the decades-old track for the 21st century. More importantly, he’s introduced his young fans to the work of Waylon Jennings.

It’s a rite of passage for every country musician to release a big cover of a tune from the old days. Green’s decision to go with Jennings is a nice break from the many Johnny Cash covers we’ve heard through the years.

The lyrics of ‘Where Corn Don’t Grow’ are always relevant, but especially so after the tough year we all went through in 2020:

Hard times are real, there’s dusty fields no matter where you go, you may change your mind, ’cause the weeds are high where corn don’t grow…

You can listen to Riley Green’s cover on Amazon Music. Here is a direct link. A potential wider release is to be determined.

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