Carpool Tunnel To Debut Full-Length Album ‘Bloom’

Carpool Bloom
Photo Credit: Michael Hanano

Carpool Tunnel announces album debut for February 26

Carpool Tunnel has the ’60s and a ’70s-era classic rock and blues sound. They sing with a sense of sunny sounds related to Southern California. The band has announced their debut full-length album Bloom. Due out February 26, 2021, via Pure Noise Records, Bloom puts the quartet’s sandbar psychedelic sound on full display, creating something that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

In addition to the announcement, the band released a new single and accompanying music video titled “Flora,” a bouncy, vaguely nostalgic-sounding track with a sunny video to match. Check out the new single below.

Carpool’s new single, “Flora.”

“The soil of 2020 was dense, and some of us still feel like we’re underground. However, sometimes we need the darkness to reach the light,” shares the band. “’ Flora’ is here to remind you that no matter how grim life may seem, there will always be sparks of light, love, and hope as long as we are open to them…then it is up to us to decide how large that spark grows.”

Per the release, “the songs on bloom are of that same uncertainty, about navigating life’s newness and seemingly omnipresent obstacles heading into adulthood.”

“They’re sentiments and situations the band experienced firsthand in 2018 after moving in together in San Francisco. As responsibilities like school and day jobs piled up next to the more joyous task of writing an album, the close quarters taught the members a lot about themselves – and one another.”

Fans can pre-order Bloom and watch the new video for “Flora.”

Bloom Track Listing

Carpool Tunnel
Photo Credit: Michael Hanano
1. Learning to Listen
2. Impressions
3. I’ll Be Your Friend
4. Dreaming Still
5. Better Now
6. Flora
7. Forget My Name
8. Empty Faces
9. Tarot Cards
10. Nostalgia
11. Closer

“We all have people from our past [that] you don’t really talk to anymore but still have a strange connection to,” he explains. “You might follow them on social media or have photos of them. You know nothing about them now but still feel connected to them because you see them all the time.”

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