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Ariana Grande Releases Sweetener Tour in ‘Excuse me, I Love you’

Sweetener Tour Kickoff

Ariana Grande didn’t want to have her fans feeling left out of seeing her live in concert this year. After an entire year of not being able to perform live because of the pandemic, the singer decided to give her fans a surprise. She released a documentary on Netflix titled Excuse me, I Love you which includes her performances in the Sweetener Tour. We can also see other fun parts of her life like Ariana hanging out with friends and tour rehearsals.

Ariana kicks off the concert with “God is a Woman.” Tons of dancers and spectacular lighting effects are all over the stadium where she’s playing. She follows the choreography incredibly showing us that she cannot only sing but dance as well.

Some of her dancers are introduced throughout the documentary and we can see the connection Ariana has with each of them. Many of them are close friends, and thus, when the dancing routines get everyone too close together, we can see how comfortable they are with each other and how much fun they’re having.

A Look at the Concert and Ariana’s Life

“Bad Idea” and “Break up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” are next on the setlist. Ariana and her dancers walk around the entire stage and perform an extraordinary choreography with chairs. Back at having a look into Ariana’s life, we then see her inside a private jet flying to the next stop of the tour. She is having fun with her crew and tells a funny story about her pets. (You’ll have to watch the documentary to hear it! – It’s hilarious.)

We’re back at the concert and Ariana starts singing “R.E.M.” Amazing water visuals go around the entire stage and catwalk as well as the background screen. Since it’s a slower song, Ariana sits down on the stage and gets personal with the public, looking at every person in the eye. We even see a girl crying in the first rows because the moment is too emotional.

“Side to Side” is a total bop, and of course, the choreography she shows us on this song is spectacular. She lines up with her dancers, walking around the catwalk. At the end of the song, everyone shows off their moves in a dance battle, having the crowd go crazy. Ariana then points her mic to the audience and everyone starts screaming. It has unmatched energy we can feel all the way across the screen.

In “7 rings” Ariana didn’t hold back from the color pink. Everyone on stage wears matching pick jackets and pants. A  pink car appears on stage. The lights are pink. The background screen is showing images of the moon and cute houses, of course, all in pink colors. Fake money starts blowing up to the crowd, making this the perfect way to end the song.

As we keep seeing images from Ariana’s private life and the concert, the documentary is coming to an end. It’s the last show of the tour, and Ariana and her crew are all forming a circle to say what they’re thankful for. “I love you guys and I’m very grateful, and I know it was a lot physically and mentally but this show for sure saved my life this year. I just wanna say how grateful I am for you guys for your experience and for your time and energy, your professionalism and kindness. It’s just unmatched and I love you guys.” Ariana says with tears in her eyes. Everyone screams “Sweetener World Tour!” while cheering.

Ariana Saying Goodbye

“Dangerous Woman” and “Break Free” are the next songs, and before saying goodbye, Ariana talks to the crowd in a heartfelt speech. “Thank you for flying around to come here. Thank you for being in my life and being in this chapter with me. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do one show and now we’re at number 81. Thank you to everyone involved, to you guys, to my amazing crew. Thank you, I love you.”

Ariana then leaves the stage and a video showing tweets of the “Thank u, next” era starts playing. The crowd starts screaming and Ariana comes back. Playing the popular song as her last one to end the concert. 

In this documentary, Ariana truly showed us what her concerts are like, and how much effort and production comes with each of them. Her shows are incredibly well-produced, and they make the audience feel involved and have an amazing experience. If you’re an Ariana fan, you can’t miss out on watching this concert. Go check it out on Netflix!

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