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Sofía Reyes & Pedro Capó Unite on “Casualidad”

Mexican singer Sofía Reyes united with Puerto Rican musician Pedro Capó for their new reggaeton single “Casualidad.”

Sofía Reyes & Pedro Capó Stand up For Love on “Casualidad”

“Casualidad,” which translates to “coincidence,” was written by Sofía; along with Jon Leone, Nicole Zignago, Daremola and Pedro Capó himself. It explains the story of two people who collide without looking for each other. It highlights the importance of connecting with each other, living, and enjoying the present.

Sofia Reyes says, “I don’t believe in coincidences. I like to think that the universe is always in our favor. I think it is a blessing to be able to see and enjoy these coincidences; since it is what we have at that moment. This song talks about that, about two people who meet and are not afraid of what happens next … for me that’s what life is.”

The music video for “Casualidad” was filmed in Miami, Florida. It was directed by the creative Colombian filmmaker and videographer Gustavo “Gus” Camacho of the production company Mastermind Entertainment. This audiovisual piece is full of colorful scenes that perfectly summarize this theme and that also shows the good chemistry that exists between both artists.

Reyes also shared that the video is as colorful as the meaning of the song; which arrives on time for Pride month. “Pedro and I talk a lot about diversity, I mention it a lot on my social media platforms. For me, it is important to say that ‘love is love’. There should not be any kind of barrier and we have to open ourselves to freedom.”

Pedro on the other hand also shared his enthusiasm on social media about the new collaboration. “Since I heard “Casualidad,” I connected with it, it’s an incredible song. I am very happy to see our generations opening up to their capabilities; always from the point of view of love.”

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