December 01, 2022
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David Guetta Invites Countries To “Get Together”


David Guetta has dropped his latest single, “Get Together.” The new EDM track arrives in collaboration with the Danish beer brand Tuborg.

“Get Together” Unites Artists All Around The World

We all know that David Guetta never disappoints when it comes to creating new bangers. “Get Together” is not the exception, as it’s a funky track that invites listeners to dance. It just wants to make people feel happy.

The Frech DJ adds in a substantial amount of background instrumental. Hand-by-hand, the Dutch singer-songwriter RANI, better known for her collaboration with Sam Feldt on “Post Malone,” shares her stunning vocals to complement the song. Together, they make a terrific duo, as RANI’s vocals fit the rhythm of the song flawlessly.

The goal of “Get Together” is to show how strong the power of music is. Music can unify people from all around the world simply by just listening to it and enjoying it. David Guetta indeed proved this statement in the new song.

Making A Difference

“Get Together” will unite music artists in India, China, Bulgaria, Nepal, and Uzbekistan. Each country will release an official remix of the track, spanning a variety of cultures and genres. Yet they will all be unified by the same Guetta beat.

“I’m excited to see how artists that are from a completely different culture take my sound. Make it special by adding their own interpretation,” David shared about the upcoming remixes. “I’m expecting each artist to have a different vision of the world and add something that feels new and different. This can be musical or lyrical. The combination of what we both bring will hopefully create something that feels completely fresh.”

A lyric video came out along with the song. In it, fans can see Guetta having fun in different places around the world. This makes it the perfect visual for a song about uniting cultures.

We can’t wait to see what the new remixes will sound like and admire all the different cultures that will, literally, “Get Together!”



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