Hayley Kiyoko Takes a “Chance” on Love

Hayley Kiyoko kicked off Pride month by premiering a brand new single, “Chance.” It arrives as the follow-up to “Found My Friends.”

“Chance” Kicks off Pride Month

Hayley Kiyoko, AKA the “Lesbian Jesus,” has been open about her sexuality for a long time now. She always makes sure to represent the LGBTQ+ community in her songs and music videos. “Chance,” of course, continued to fit in the algorithm. 

“Chance” arrived just as Pride month begins. The new song is about Hayley overcoming her insecurities about asking the girl she likes out, thinking she would never take a “chance” on her. 

The cute music video is a cinematic experience. In it, Hayley stars alongside her girlfriend in the clip, who in the beginning we can see how they shared a friendship and Hayley wasn’t sure if she wanted to maybe ruin it by asking her out. Fortunately, Hayley’s crush turns out to like her too, and they become a sweet couple. 

Hayley Was Scared to Take a Chance on Girls

“So many times I’ve wondered what would have happened if I just took a chance on myself. So often we don’t think we’re worthy of love, so we let the opportunity pass… I wrote this song hoping it will encourage you to take a chance… on the person or thing you want, but most importantly on yourself. Love you all so much. ‘Chance’ video and song out now,” Hayley shared on her Instagram.

“I am so proud of my small but incredibly talented team that helped make this narrative come to life against all odds. These videos can never be made without a village of hard work and a united passion. And a huge thank you to Alexandra Shipp for starring in this. I’ve always found comfort with films about love, so I wanted to make one that felt true to what I’ve always wanted to see. I love you all so much,” she expressed in a different post.

“Chance” arrives as the follow-up to “Found My Friends,” which just came out in April. Join Hayley in celebrating Pride month and listen to “Chance” out now!

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