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Skrillex, Fred Again & Flowdan Cause A “Rumble”

@Skrillex Via Twitter
@Skrillex Via Twitter. “Rumble Out. Way Back Feat. @pinkpantheress2 & @TrippieRedd out tomorrow.”

Skrillex Announces New Music In 2023

Two of the most prominent DJs/producers in recent years Skrillex and Fred Again team up for “Rumble.” Featuring vocals from British MC and producer Flowdan, “Rumble” arrives as the lead single to Skrillex’s forthcoming album. 

Previously, on January 2, Skrillex announced the LP on his Instagram account. The video presents a compilation of new tracks, with the caption “QFF/DGTC 23.” Fans began to speculate if a new single or a double album was on the horizon. Shortly after, Skrillex would tease the collaborative single “Rumble” and announce the release date. Then, on January 4, we got a taste of what the new album- his first full length LP in almost a decade-would sound like. 


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Flowdan Is King Of The Jungle

In detail, the bass-heavy track takes you on an unforeseen sonic roller coaster through elements of trap, dubstep and electronic music. “Rumble” is short and sweet with few lyrics and a great deal of repetition. To begin with, Flowdan boldly begins the track rapping, “Run for dem life, when I step into the jungle / Said they wanna group up / They better move up, never gonna win a Royal Rumble,” 

Flowdan poses a threat, and even more, the rapper is confident that he is undefeatable. He repeats “Yo, listen, you hear that? / Killеrs in the jungle,” in the refrain. Seemingly, Flowdan is the killer in the jungle. 

But, the meaning of the song is up for interpretation. And similar to the lyrics, the chaos-filled “Rumble” quite literally makes you feel like you’re trapped in a jungle. Furthermore, Flowdan raps, “Yo, you hear that? Over, smell the aroma / Dem gone, dead a really long time, me nuh ramp / Me nuh skin, couldn’t wake from a coma / Listen, you hear that? Shots gettin’ fired in a warzone / Rifle a spin like gorillas in the mist / Nothin’ ain’t criss when you end up in a jungle,”

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