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TiaCorine: The Pioneer Of ‘Anime Trap‘

TiaCorine is finally gaining the recognition she deserves, attaining virality with tracks “FreakyT” and “Chaka Khan” from her latest album I Can’t Wait. Initially, it was her single “Lotto” that sparked the interest of radio stations in 2020. TiaCorine is fresh with sweet animated voices with savage bars and unique flows. Clearly, CEO of Lyric Management Group Marcel “Flip” Holmes knew she had something special. 

The Chill Banger “FreakyT”

Thanks to TikTok, she has a hit on the rise from her recent versatile body of work, I Can’t Wait. The fourth track on the album “FreakyT” has an infectious yet chill beat produced by hip hop hitmaker, Honorable C.N.O.T.E. Tia approaches it with braggadocios, hard hitting flows on the verses and a baby-like tone on the tuneful hook. She spits unapologetic bars with a hungry delivery and catchy flows. On the chorus she sounds innocent with her melodic rapping, but her bars are nothing short of aggressive. “I just need a sip, ’cause shawty got me pissed (Oh, yeah) / Better fall back ‘fore I give that bitch a lisp / Money on my house, give a fuck about my wrist (Oh, yeah),” TiaCorine raps. 

Written by TiaCorine, she slides several bars into the track, two of which reference rappers Baby Keem and Baby D. “I got cream, make a bitty cling, boost your self-esteem (Oh) / I get top in the mornin’, so I feel like Baby Keem (Oh, yeah) / Force’s black, step on somethin’, so I dress like Baby D (Oh),” she spits. The Baby Keem bar references “range brothers” by the rapper featuring cousin Kendrick Lamar. Lamar repetitively raps, “top of the morning” in his verse and at the end of the track. 

Besides, TiaCorine shows her sexual side, nicknaming herself “Freaky T.” T being short for Tia, and freaky- meaning she likes to get down in the bedroom of course. “Look at me, what she wanna be, call me Freaky T (Oh, yeah) / Off the leash, I feel like a dog, I get hella flee (Ruff, ruff, ruff) / Keep it P, never needed you, but you needed me (Oh),” she kicks off the song. 


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TiaCorine Makes The Boys Toes Curl In “Chaka Khan”

Another highlight of the I Can’t Wait LP is the energetic and fun “Chaka Khan.” Produced by Kenny Beats, she spits rapid flows with a cute singsong chorus. Again she merges her rapping and singing with a high-pitched charming chorus. “Who’s that girl dripped like candy paint / Make the boys toes curl, curl like candy cane,” she raps. She embraces her sexuality in this catchy and exuberant track. 

Additionally, TiaCorine embraces her love for different styles and genres of music. She refers to her music as “anime trap.” I Can’t Wait explores this inventive genre and showcases her versatility, lightning-fast rapping, lyricism, and individuality. Tia even incorporates anime into her album artwork and instrumentals. When I first heard her, I was reminded of rapper Tierra Whack. The two artists although different, venture into different musical genres and switch seamlessly between singing and rapping. If you haven’t already, check out TiaCorine’s newest album I Can’t Wait featuring the single “FreakyT.” 

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