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Russ Drops “PUT YOU ON GAME”

Russ Drops “PUT YOU ON GAME”

Russ wants to “PUT YOU ON GAME” in his latest track. 

@russ On Instagram

Rapper Russ made the big drop with his newest song, “PUT YOU ON GAME,” on January 6th. In the song, he treats his listeners as pupils by giving out advice on ways to succeed. 

Russ is 30 years old and has loved music since a child. Even more, at seven years old, he was writing raps in his notebook. At the age of 14, he began making beats with his friend. He finally recorded his first song at 18 years old. Russ came into the rap scene in 2015. Then, his track “What They Want” became an underground hit, and it led him to a deal with Columbia Records. In fact, his debut song after scoring the label deal, “There’s Really a Wolf,” became platinum certified. 

Russ has a collection of albums out dating back to 2013, as well as on the SoundCloud platform. In fact, he’s said on his Twitter that he “Dropped a song every week on SoundCloud for 2 and a half years straight.” His strategy on never giving up on his dreams worked for him.

Russ: A Rapper & Teacher

Actually, Russ is not a stranger to giving out advice and guidance. He is also the author of a book called It’s All In Your Head, where he inspires his readers to never give up on their dreams and how to beat their biggest obstacles. He tells his life story and the strategies he used to get to where he is now. The “Losin’ Control” artist is truly self-made. 

PUT YOU ON GAME Cover. @russ On Instagram.

In “PUT YOU ON GAME,” Russ’ chorus tells listeners “Let me put you on game / Don’t listen to people who lose, or you’ll do the same / Stop talkin’ to people who don’t give a f*ck what you say.” He goes on with the rest of the song by talking about how to stay in your lane, and focusing on your time, health, and dream.

If you need some motivation, “PUT YOU ON GAME” is currently out on all platforms!

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