February 09, 2023



Ruel Kicks Off New Era With “GROWING UP IS _____”

Ruel is finally back with a new single! Marking the start of a new era in the singer’s career, he released “GROWING UP IS _____”

Ruel is Growing Up, And His Songs Are Too

“GROWING UP IS _____” as all of Ruel’s songs, is an honest track that talks about the awkward moments of growing up. Just as Ruel is in real life (he’s only 19!), he expresses how he’s been feeling from going to being a teenager to almost an adult. “Growin’ up is weird, sleep with friends, break a heart. Question everything you thought. Split a pill, smoke a dart. Growin’ up is weird, fall in love for a year. And then I disappear, wish that you were here. Growin’ up is strange, get too close, push away. Thinking you would do the same. No regrets, no mistakes. Growin’ up is strange when the one who’s to blame,” he sings in the chorus.

“I know I’m born to be a writer and a musician,” Ruel shares. “That’s what I love and am supposed to do. But I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of person I want to be while doing that. So this song and the new songs coming are me awake at night looking at the ceiling thinking, ‘What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the best way to live life?’”

The First Taste of an Upcoming Album?

“GROWING UP IS _____” is rumored to be the first taste of music that Ruel gives us from his upcoming new album, which could arrive as soon as next year. In honor of the new track and entering a new era, the singer cleaned his Instagram account to just showcase posts referring to the new single. He started teasing fans back in November by just posting a photo of him and captioning it “G.U.I” (the acronym of Growing Up Is) and they were quick to express their excitement for the new release. “SO FREAKING EXCITED” share one of them; while another one said “I’m sensing a new era” and she was right!

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