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Miley Cyrus teases All-Star Metallica album during interview

Miley Cyrus teases doing a Metallica Album.

Miley Cyrus hit the new waves after she was a featured guest on a British radio show called Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Cyrus said that she is working with famous in the industry on a new album during the interview. The album would solely be covers of Metallica songs.

After teasing the album, Cyrus mentioned she worked with people like Sir Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith. Cyrus even added that the entire group would be performing Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters together.

“I did a Metallica cover of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ featuring Elton John on piano; I’ve got Yo-Yo Ma, Chad Smith; so many all-stars in this band,” she said. “I’m so excited about this collaboration.”

Cyrus continued, saying she understands that the song’s concept may not make sense to some fans — which is why she loves it even more. “I mean, having Elton John and Metallica and me … I love when ingredients don’t quite fit,” she said.

“Or it seems like a concoction that no one would ever put together, and you gotta have someone like [the song’s producer Andrew] Watt that will take that risk.”

Miley Cyrus
“MILEY CYRUS SP 2011” by StarblindKing is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Miley Cyrus teases the fan with the previous performance.

Cyrus has loved Metallica for as long as she remembers what she said in the interview. A couple of years ago, Cyrus did a rendition of the Metallica classic, Nothing Else Matters, with Lars Ulrich of Temple of the Dog’s Say Hello 2 Heaven at the I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. Once the clip went public, fans when crazy wondering when she would perform more Metallica. Well, fans might have just gotten their holiday wish just in time. Check out the clip of Cyrus performing the song with Ulrich back in 2019 below.

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