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Rediscover K-pop Solist BIBI

Who is BIBI?

BIBI is a soloist from South Korea who has changed the music scene with her distinct tone and versatility. She is not afraid to speak her mind even if that differs from the norms set by South Korean standards. Each song ranges from explicit dark tracks to sweet, light-hearted earworms.

Pushing the boundaries of conforming into a box with one genre, BIBI changes her sound constantly, exploring a multitude of genres and impressing the world with each comeback. This time around, she has released two songs that sound vastly different from one another, proving she can be put on any kind of song and completely make it her own.

On February 13, “Bam Yang Gang” and “Sugar Rush” dropped via 88rising/Feel Ghood Music.

Taken from @nakedbibi Twitter/X account.

“Bam Yang Gang” Review

“Bam Yang Gang” is a jazz-inspired track with piano chords and soft strokes from the drum. BIBI hits silky smooth notes with a strong depth from her forward vocals. Although the track seems to be bright in the production, the song tells a sad story. It is about BIBI and her ex breaking up because of her constant need for attention. Yanggang is a Korean dessert made of red bean jelly. Her using yanggang in the song could mean that she longs for a sweet, simple relationship.

BIBI puts such delicate thought into the details of her music, and this track sounds as sweet as the dessert. BIBI yearns for a future relationship as easy and sweet as yanggang. Her previous relationship had too many problems and she wants things to be different the next time she falls in love.

The music video showcases the relationship ending and how sad she felt when they split. She then dreams of pretty clouds and the dessert while longing for a healthy relationship as fulfilling as yanggang. Check out the music video below!

“Sugar Rush” Review

“Sugar Rush” is a complete 180 from “Bam Yang Gang.” The hip-hop-inspired track is a dark beat with a hard-hitting bass. BIBI raps on the song with a deep strong voice. “Sugar Rush” is about how she is sweet like candy but you can’t touch her or you will get a rush. Her confidence is through the roof as she says, “Yeah, I got cake, baby, yeah, I got dough. Bet you never had a b**** who had both. Mmm, and if you try to get close, I’ll bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.” BIBI is holding herself to higher standards and not giving it up for anyone. It is a clear continuation of “Bam Yang Gang” with the realization that she can do better when choosing a guy because they would be lucky to even be in her presence.

The music video features SOYEON of the infamous group (G)I-DLE and soloist Yena formally known for debuting in the temporary Produce 48 group IZ*ONE. It shows BIBI posing in various outfits exuding nothing but confidence as she swats the “rats” that are trying to touch her. She shows herself as various candies and poses alongside many sweets. Check out the music video below.

BIBI’s Spotify

If you want to check out more BIBI check her out on Spotify and anywhere you listen to music!

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