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  • Author: Matthew Landsman

Matthew Landsman

Matthew Landsman is a junior Journalism Major at the prestigious Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. Matthew’s passion for writing was incubated in his high school years as a member of the Talented Writers program at Long Beach High School in New York. He has won several awards for his writing such as the silver key in the Scholastic Arts & Writing competition. In his freshman year, Matthew participated on several panels on the University of Maryland student-run radio station, WMUC. His expertise in music knowledge and his convictions were put on display during these broadcasts as his opinions typically were agreed with by the other members of the panel. In his sophomore year, Matt got to show off his extensive opinions and writing skills as a staff writer for the online student-run publication, The Campus Trainer. While focusing on music, Matthew also wrote several articles dealing with pop culture, entertainment, and other areas of the arts. In addition, Matthew is now an intern for Music Daily. As a lover of concerts, Matt now has several outlets to write about not only his music opinions but is now reviewing some of the many concerts he attends.
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