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BIBI Waltzes You to Your Death in “Animal Farm”

Don’t worry, this isn’t an English class. “Animal Farm” is the newest k-hip-hop single from Korean artist BIBI. The entrancing nature of “Animal Farm” will be sure to lure all listeners!

bibi animal farm

“Animal Farm”: An Evil Lullaby

Like a Siren’s call, the song’s compound meter combined with BIBI’s swaying singing creates an evil lullaby. “Animal Farm” combines many elements to create this waltz of death. With orchestral elements, the hip-hop percussion, and the guitar solo, this track screams of a k-rock and k-pop fusion. 

BIBI’s singing can only be described as angelic—no, scratch that, devilish. With an incredible vocal prowess, BIBI is able to shift registers at a moment’s notice, all while keeping a subdued intonation. When she does break form and goes into a growl, you can’t help but feel commanded. 

The lyrics in “Animal Farm” are incredibly poetic, alluding back to the title of the song in creative ways:

“Words of sin

Masks of hypocrisy

Overflowing in the ballroom

Champagne popping

Wine and bread

The dance of stuffed pigs”

And these lyrics are literally only the first few lines. If this isn’t Edgar Allen Poe reincarnated in this song, I don’t know what is. 

The Haunting Music Video

Further, we need to talk about the “Animal Farm” music video, or should we can even call it that? First off, I got an age-restricted warning when I clicked on it, and I have to say, do not take this warning lightly. This video is basically a whole action movie, with insane choreography and jaw-dropping direction. Featuring BIBI herself, performing most of the difficult stunts, the music video is basically BIBI massacring a bunch of masked men in… creative… ways. Let’s just say… heads will roll. 

Also, she wields a freaking gun.

Bibi animal farm

It’s crazy to think that just four years ago, BIBI was just a self-produced artist on SoundCloud. But, her skill and passion demonstrated through her music was quickly picked up by a label. Additionally, she finished second place in a Korean competition show called “The Fan.” BIBI has since released two EPs and over 15 singles. In fact, she composed music for movies and TV shows as well! Her upcoming debut studio album, “Lowlife Princess: Noir,” will feature “Animal Farm” and numerous other bangers. It will definitely be something to keep an eye out for! 

Check out BIBI’s discography by clicking here! 

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