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Normani Announces New Album “DOPAMINE”

Who is Normani?

Normani found her start through X-Factor where the girl group Fifth Harmony was born. After earning third on the competition show, they took over the 2010s with infectious hits exuding confident energy from each album. They released three studio albums and one EP when they were discovered. “Miss Movin’ On” played through Radio Disney, signaling unexpected stardom. This track was a part of their first EP through Syco Records.

Courtesy of Syco Music

After 7/27, Camila Cabello announced her departure from the group to pursue a solo career. The remaining four members had one more era before calling a group hiatus. They eventually started solo careers, but one song has been spreading around TikTok. The phrase coined by TikTok was a “Fifth Harmony Renaissance.” Nmilz1, a popular TikToker posted the track “All In My Head (Flex)” earning over a million likes. Streams for the song have increased and other songs by Fifth Harmony were gaining traction on all social media platforms.

DOPAMINE Announcement

Normani 'DOPAMINE' album cover art
Normani ‘DOPAMINE’ album cover art

After a few days, Normani cleared her Instagram, signaling her return to music, on February 21st. After six years of quiet, the soloist announced her much-anticipated album, DOPAMINE, is coming out this year. A post dropped all over her social media accounts. The caption read, “cryingg typing this rn. DOPAMINE THE ALBUM.” 

The album cover art dropped as well. Normani is posing on a black rocket ship against a white background. Hugo Comte, who created Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album cover, was enlisted for DOPAMINE as well.

All four other members of Fifth Harmony showed their support with Instagram comments. Normani announced she had a title back in 2018, around the release of her successful single “Motivation.” She went silent after that for over five years and the project became slated for a 2024 release.

DOPAMINE will be an R&B-forward album, as her previous singles, “Wildside” and “Fair,” were R&B tracks. Will you be tuning into the long-awaited project?

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