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RALPH Creates A “Love Potion”

Disco-pop artist Raffaela Weyman, known professionally as RALPH, dropped her latest single “Love Potion.”

RALPH’s Gradience EP is Coming in July!

“Love Potion” will be part of RALPH’S upcoming Gradience EP, expected on July 7. The single follows “Tommy,” which just came out in April. RALPH is best known for her songs “Gravity, “ “Lit the Fire,” and “Gimme,” which all feature her signature disco vibe. 

In the accompanying music video, RALPH goes on to create a love potion to find the man of her dreams. She shares that the song stemmed from the imagery and love potions seen in the 2019 film Midsommar. 

“I wrote ‘Love Potion’ almost a year ago with my sweet pals David Charles Fischer and Terence Lam (the same team behind ‘Gravity’),” Ralph explains to Indie 88. “I had just watched the movie Midsommar and couldn’t get the imagery out of my head. Kept thinking about this one scene where the cult women create a love potion to woo the male protagonist…and soon I was deep in a google hole of ‘history of love potions’ (they date back to Biblical times!) I came into the session with that as my lyrical inspiration, and pretty soon we wove a dance-y bass-soaked story of a woman afraid she’s loving her loved…so she cooks up a brew to remind him just how sweet she is. Many thanks to Herag Sanbalian, who put the finishing touches on the song and even added real choir voices plus live strings in there!”

Alongside the catchy new track, RALPH announced that she’s going on tour across Canada and the United States starting this upcoming November. She will offer 15 different dates, 11 of them being in Canada and the other 4 in the U.S. With the help of Alex Porat as the opening act, this tour is going to be one for the books! 

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