Boys World’s Colorful Track “All Me”

Less than two months after the release of their debut EP, While You Were Out, Boys World returned with a new single, “All Me.”

Boys World Show the Power of Women on “All Me”

In the colorful track, the girls address their ex’s new girlfriend, claiming they were the ones who changed him for the better. “All Me” was penned by Farrago, Lindgren, and Melanie Fontana. They previously worked together on Boys World’s debut single “Girlfriends”.

“All Me” follows Boys World’s sublime debut EP, While You Were Out, which rose to over six million streams in a mere three weeks of its release. The group is proving to be the breakout group of 2021, as they just keep releasing music.

The music video for the song gives us Boy’s World glowing signature. While each of the girls wears radiant outfits and they impress us with their dance moves and stunning choreography, the storyline evolves. They show how the so-called ex-boyfriend used to be messy and not so charming, but they made him become a better person.

“We’re so excited for you to listen to our new song ‘All Me’. It’s everything you want in a music video, from dancing to an exciting storyline and a fun Willy Wonka feel!” the band tells HollywoodLife. “We are all really passionate about ‘All Me,’” Elana says. “I think it’s a song that a lot of people can relate to. It’s all about changing someone for the better!” “‘All Me’ is a hard-hitting record with a sweet Candyland feel!” says Makhyli. 

The song celebrates the power of women, who usually have their acts together, and how by proxy, boys follow along. 

Alana talked about the experience of shooting a music video amid a pandemic to Inquirer. “We’re just so blessed and passionate about what we do. We tried to be really safe while we were recording and shooting. Our team was very collaborative about what we wanted to do, from styling to choreography. We’re proud of that.”

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