Betta Lemme Returns With Electro Anthem “Ce Soir”

Canadian singer Betta Lemme shared her newest dance-pop single “Ce Soir.”

Betta Lemme: A Trilingual Dance-pop Star on the Rise

Betta Lemme is the breakout artist that, if you’re into pop, need to get to know. Her hit song “Bambola” has surpassed the 15 million streams on Spotify. “Give It” and “Play” are two other popular songs of her, with over 2 million streams each. Slowly but surely, she is making her way up in the electro-pop music industry.

“Ce Soir” was co-written and co-produced with STOLAR who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Among them are Aloe Blacc, Trevor Daniel, and Selena Gomez. In such a short space of time, Betta allows you access to her daydreams about a distant partner as she longs for connection.

She sings, “But what’s the use of an escape? I’d just be lonely in L.A. Thinking of you like every day. I wanna know. What’s love if you’re not here with me ce soir?” “Ce Soir” translates to “Tonight” in French. Betta lets her partner know she needs them with her that night.

How Lockdown Inspired “Ce Soir”

On the track, Betta analyzes her need to get a quick serotonin boost through materialistic items. That’s until she realizes she needs those to cover up for the moments she didn’t spend with her loved ones. “I’ve been spending this never-ending lockdown in Montreal with some serious curfews for the past year and a half,” she explains to VENTS Magazine.

“At one point when shops opened up, I wanted to give myself a little gift for surviving both this lockdown and myself simultaneously. So I bought these glittery Gucci socks that made wearing tracksuits in the house all week a little less mundane. As it turns out, materialism wasn’t doing the trick. On a night where crying seemed like my newfound and mastered hobby and overthinking became my full-time job, I pretended this little Gucci box was my friend and asked her if she could ‘flip this frown.’ At that moment, material goods became insignificant, a thing I’ve known all along.”

Talking about the true inspiration behind the song, Betta explains, “This song is about letting those daydreams free and realizing that the only thing that will bring meaning to these things is enjoying them with the one you love. I wanted to have fun with loneliness and remind myself that some of the lowest points always bring us the perspective that we need.”

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