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Eloïse Shares “Who’s She” Off Debut Album

Newcomer Eloise has dropped the latest piece off her forthcoming debut album Somewhere In-Between, “Who’s She.”

Eloise Wonders “Who’s She” After Heartbreak

“Who’s She” is a soft ballad that talks about Eloise’s past self. “Hold me, baby. I’ve been feeling. Lonely lately. I said I missed the old me. But who’s she anyway. I’ve been feeling sort of strange and distant”. It will be in her debut album, coming out on June 18. 

Eloise explains to DORK, “I wrote this song after I came back from a tour having broken up with my first boyfriend. My whole world felt crazy and I had no control. I felt disoriented because I came home to find that my life, the way I knew it, had gone; and I had to carve myself a new one. In that pursuit, I realized the reason I felt lost had less to do with what had changed around me. Had more to do with what had changed within me.”

The accompanying music video features Eloise herself dancing with professional dancer Jakub Franasowicz. The pair dance on a rooftop along to a beautiful choreography, lead by the soft music of “Who’s She”. “I knew exactly what the video had to be. It was so clear,” she says. “I wanted to create this feeling or surrealism with undertones of very human and complex feelings. I grew up watching old MGM movies with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. Wanted to pay homage to that feeling of intimacy and romance that those movies always created.”

Eloise’s last project was her debut EP This Thing Called Living back in 2019. Since then, she released the songs “Hungover” and “Intertwined”. They are both going to be in her debut album. Somewhere In-Between is set to have a tracklist of nine songs, including “Bienvenue,” “Enough,” and “Trick of the Moon.” Don’t miss it on June 18!

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