Pink’s New Song, “All I Know So Far,” Passes On Wisdom

Can you name a more inspiring, wise, or creative artist than Pink If you couldn’t before the release of “All I Know So Far,” you surely can’t now. 


A Mother First, A Popstar Second

Pink is sincere. From day one she has strived to be vulnerable and approachable with the music she creates. Her new single, “All I Know So Far,” is the most relevant example of that. This song tells fans everything they need to know about growing up. It also is based in the wisdom she hopes to pass down to her children. 


Through the lyrics and music video, people are taken through the journey of Pink’s life. Everything she has learned, everything she has accepted, and everything she still hopes to learn, is on display. There is anguish and frustration, but also empowerment, laced throughout this song and its video. 


“All I Know So Far” begins with Pink’s own daughter asking for a bedtime story. When the fairy tales become too mundane, Pink decides to tell a more realistic story. Her own. (With the help of stars like Cher, of course.)


It begins with her as a rambunctious child with neglectful parents and a whole lot of acting out. Then there is the artistic side of this star and how she found a home in creativity. She also dives into the rough and tumble relationships she has been a part of. It comes to an end with her very own prince charming, her real-life husband, filling a void she didn’t know she had. 


As the singer-songwriter’s family grew and her artistry evolved, Pink found herself in a way that she didn’t expect to in her 41 years of life. Hence, what she knows and what she can sing about, is really all she knows so far…. Just like the title states!


The Artistic Legacy of Pink

If you’re a fan of Pink, or are just a music lover, you know that this star is capable of anything. Not only is she a storyteller, a mom, and a pop sensation, but she’s also one of the most soulful artists of this generation. Her dedication to pushing the limits of what a popstar can be knows no bounds. 


Because of this, Amazon Studios is preparing to release a documentary surrounding her. The film is set to feature on stage moments, off stage moments, behind-the-scenes interviews, home footage, and family life. This icon has had such a memorable career. She has been on the road for months at a time, swung gracefully from aerial silks above tens of thousands of fans, and promoted inclusivity in the music industry for moms, females, and anyone who deserves the respect and creative control that they asked for. 


Amazon and Pink will be dropping this documentary on May 21. This song, essentially the title track, sets the stage for an influential and profoundly impactful message. It is not only for fans, nor just for her own family unit, but for the world at large who need a little push.

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