“Run” Is Another Piece To OneRepublic’s Puzzling Fifth LP

You probably know OneRepubilc for their international hits, such as “Apologize” and “Counting Stars.” Maybe you know them for their brand new single, “Run.” You might even know them for being the band that kicked off Ryan Tedder’s multi-facted career. What you don’t know is what is coming next from this suddenly mysterious pop rock band…. And they’re keeping it that way.


Hinting At Something More

OneRepublic have been talking about thief fifth record for what feels like years. In actuality, though, it has been years since fans first got a glimpse into album number five. In 2019, the Colorado band dropped a single titled “Rescue Me.” They let the world know that it was to be the lead single off their then un-titled fifth LP.


Well, for better or for worse, it’s been two years since “Rescue Me.” Not too much more information about the upcoming record has come out during this time. Fans know that it is to be called Human, which is a step in the right direction. Any information is good information, and knowing One Republic, any music is good music.


The world also knows now that they have been treated to five singles ahead of the album’s release. Over the last two years, OneRepublic’s three singles, in between “Rescue Me” and “Run,” were “Wanted,”Didn’t I,’ and “Better Days.” These singles have all been successful in the alt rock genre and have been played millions of times by their global fan base. 


Nobody quite knew that these songs were all leading up to something bigger, though: this mythical new album. Finally, “Run” is here, though, and people are really getting a gist of what Human might sound like.


All About OneRepublic’s “Run”

“Run” is one of the band’s most optimistic songs to date. It is upbeat, exuberat, and truly a feel-good anthem. The euphoric new single comes at a perfect time: a time where the world is grappling with returning to normalcy. Some people need a push to live their best life, regardless of a global pandemic. Fortunately, OneRepublic is there to be that motivation and remind the world that we are all deserving of having a good time.


Coming in at just shy of three minutes, “Run” encapsulates everything that OneRepublic is and everything that OneRepublic could be. Their melodic take on modern rock has always been ambitious. At the same time, it is their Iifectious production and superb lyricism that maintains their place in the industry. (It’s hard to forget that frontman Ryan Tedder has written songs for the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, the Jonas Brothers. The list goes on and on.)


“Run” is truly a show-stopping single for the band. Although we have had a handful of singles gifted to us by the group, this is their most important one. It is timely, relevant, and anthemic. Listening to this new OneRepublic song is just one way to get your daily dose of optimism in 2021. A whole new album from the band will surely bring even more light into the lives of music lovers everywhere.

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