Marina’s Acoustic “Man’s World” Makes A Good Song Great

Marina doesn’t want to live in a man’s world anymore… and neither do we.

Marina stripped down her latest, but made it more powerful and memorable than ever in the acoustic “Man’s World.”

Some know Marina from the early half of her career, where she was known as Marina and the Diamonds. Others are getting to know her now as just Marina. This singular moniker is everything the Welsh pop star needed to express her creativity to its fullest extent. 

Marina Diamandis has no issues with who she was and no regrets with the music she has made in the past. It was natural for her to grow into who she is now, though. Fans and critics alike are praising this growth and the music that has come with it, including “Man’s World.”

Marina’s acoustic “Man’s World” is the singer’s latest electro-pop single and it was appropriately crafted alongside other women. Proving that Marina not only sings about not wanting to live in a man’s world, she makes it true for herself. The female-fronted team included production by Jennifer Decilveo and Marina, as well as engineering by Emily Lazar. Women like Marina, such as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, are putting power back into their own hands – and rightfully so.


“Man’s World” is Stripped, but Strong

The song’s genuine backstory and important message persuaded Marina to release a second version of the single. On Friday, December 11, this singer-songwriter released a stripped down take of “Man’s World.” This version is equally as stellar, but oozing with even more passion and nobility.

In the third verse of the track, you can hear how honest and earnest Marina feels about this topic. “If you have a mother, daughter, or a friend, maybe it is time you comprehend the world that you live in ain’t the same one as them. So don’t punish me for not being a man.”

These lyrics are not to take lightly and reflect the reality of female life. This life is one that Marina knows firsthand as a strong female in the music industry for over a decade. One listen to this track transports fans into the glittery shoes of a seasoned female performer. It is there that listeners can feel for and learn from Marina and women around the globe.

Marina’s expansive vocal ability is on full display, as well, and especially her highest register. Her voice floats above the twinkling piano notes gracefully. The track is elegant and elusive, no matter how powerful and vital it is. Marina’s acoustic “Man’s World” has just as much strength as the original, but with additional angelic elements.

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