Demi Lovato Wrote Dixie D’amelio’s New Single

From Popstar to Popstar

Demi Lovato wrote Dixie D’amelio’s new song and it shares the truth about mental health struggles.


In an Instagram post, Dixie D’amelio emotionally broke down how her new single “Roommates” came to be. With a little help from Demi Lovato and a personal connection to the track, the new song was quickly a favorite of the rising popstar. She recorded it, added her own spin, and made a memorable music video for the relatable track.


The starlet’s Instagram caption explained the depth of “Roommates” and it’s powerful meaning.


“Demi wrote this beautiful poem that was turned it into a song, and i love it. but some of you are going to hear it and complain that this is my third song attached to being sad or depressed. mental health is something I really struggle with everyday and music has become the best way for me to express this. 


anxiety and depression have taken over my life this year and to the point where sometimes the only thoughts in my mind are to not be here anymore.  […] this year in particular, the internet and its negative commentary played a big part. and not only for me, but so many others. i realize that i shouldn’t read comments and i’m working on that. i’m also working on how to show my true self every day and not spend time on trying to look ‘perfect’ for the internet.”


D’amelio went on to thank her fans, and Demi, for allowing her to feel vulnerable with herself and in her music. She also expressed the need for opening up the conversation about mental health. The music video parallels that, with graphics that call out cancel culture and the stigma around being sad.


Demi Lovato Wrote Dixie D’amelio’s “Roommates”

Demi Lovato is no stranger to wearing her heart on her sleeve and sharing her story with the public. Since her rise to fame on Disney Channel at 15-years-old, Lovato has been open about personal struggles. Her own hit songs, such as “Skyscraper,” “I Love Me,” and “Sober,” have showcased that to the world. 


19-year-old Dixie D’amelio is doing the same, following in the pop icon’s footsteps by being honest with the world. D’amelio’s stardom came hard and fast when her sister Charli, TikTok’s most followed user, became an overnight internet sensation. Charli has been on a rollercoaster since she rose to fame, but shares how it effects her life. Now, the singer is breaking down her walls online, too. 


Mirroring Lovato’s growth and resilience, D’amelio is continuing to release songs that are meaningful. Her first song, “Be Happy,” talks about not feeling the need to put on a smile everyday for everyone. Her second, “One Whole Day,” expressed the anger and sadness about a bad relationship. “Roommates,” her third song ever, chronicles the scary place a negative mind can be. The inner demons are who you live with, like roommates.


Fame, success, and social media followers don’t determine happiness – something both Demi Lovato and Dixie D’amelio are sharing. Being at peace with yourself is outside of what others say, know, or realize. Thanks to songs like “Roommates” and popstars like these, fans can listen and learn that.

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